The Future Looks Bright for US Solar Growth

2M to 4M Solar installation growth projected from 2019 to 2023

US Photovoltaic Capacity Expected to Double within 5 Years

17.32% CAGR projected for Solar energy market 2010-2025

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Creating Profitable Growth by Reducing Soft Costs.

Reducing Soft Costs is the #1 Priority for Most Solar Installers

Soft costs come from different sources:

of Total Installation Costs are Soft Costs

of Soft Costs are within Solar Installers control

Eliminate inefficiencies in inventory, procurement, labor utilization & project management with the right tools

Blu Banyan Can Help Rapidly Transform Your Business

Companies often mix software tools to address their expanding needs. This results in a “hairball” of incompatible applications, conflicting data, and duplicated functionality.

SolarSuccess built on NetSuite

Increasing Solar Demand by Reducing Soft Costs

The leading cloud-based business management solution, NetSuite integrates directly with Blu Banyan’s premier end-to-end solar solution to give installers a software stack that’s specifically optimized for their needs.

A single data source across all company operations

Unified accounting, project management, CRM/ sales, and inventory management

Real-time insight into project status, costs, and profitability

Real-time inventory availability, pricing, and purchasing from distributors.

Visual timelines and project milestones that trigger accounting events.

Rich team chat to optimize internal company communications.

Synchronization of project bills of materials (BOM) on sales orders.

Solar-specific financial templates, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and alerts.

See How Titan Solar Power Reduces its Soft Costs with Blu Banyan & NetSuite

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