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NetSuite Communication - Team Chat and Collaboration icon
NetSuite Communication - Team Chat and Collaboration icon


Expand the Capabilities of Your Business with the only native NetSuite team collaboration application. bluChat is the smartest way for any NetSuite-based organization to extend the power, value and productivity of its NetSuite investment, by incorporating a powerful yet easy team collaboration tool. bluChat enables faster and better communication across all company teams and groups, minimizing operational fumbles, and eliminating the back and forth time sink of using non-native chat tools.

Skip all the jumping back and forth between applications to communicate with your team. bluChat takes minutes to deploy, and minutes to learn, because it uses the NetSuite navigation and search conventions your staff already know.  Leverage the power and ease of bluChat for better team collaboration, faster issue resolution, and improved productivity and profitability.

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bluDocs is a native NetSuite smart document management system that uniquely leverages the full power of NetSuite’s single source of truth and database functionality to manage all documents, whether stored internally, or externally to Google Drive, SharePoint and OneDrive. By utilizing NetSuite’s customizable workflow automations, bluDocs delivers flexible, precise, and comprehensive control over documents and productivity.

Key Features

What is bluDocs?

bluDocs is cost-effective document storage outside of NetSuite and connects with OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint. bluDocs provides flexible, powerful, and precise control of your document security.

3 Ways bluDocs Solves Document Management Headaches

Folder structures are necessary to keep documents organized, and to prevent staff or partners from unauthorized access. Creating a folder structure each time you start a new record or project is time consuming and subject to error. As initiatives advance to the project stage, folders and files need to be reorganized and/or renamed, creating additional work and potential for error. 

bluDocs simply and effectively solves document management headaches in 3 simple ways:

  • Workflow automation automatically creates the folder structure in the external cloud storage, based on templates for projects and objects. Using pre-defined templates, clients can choose to have automation rename the folder structure as tasks naturally mature from one stage to the next. For example, when an opportunity progresses to a project, you click the button to convert to a project, part of the automated actions is to move the opportunity files into the newly created project file structure. Using bluDocs to manage the system workflow provides dramatic time savings.
  • Use bluDocs to manage permissions for folders and files and for groups and individuals easily and automatically. Create a group and assign that group to a folder. Set up workflows to automatically re-assign groups, users, projects, and the associated documents to match the established permissions in your external drive. When there are project or personnel changes everybody is kept in sync so that the right person is looking at the right document, at the right time. bluDocs creates coherence for the whole group and keeps everyone in current time with the document status.
  • Utilize tags to dynamically create virtual views of the file folder structure. This enriched experience allows users to selectively view and edit relevant files based on file and folder permissions.

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