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ERP & Inventory Management Software Built for the Construction Industry

Streamline Your Business and Project Resource Planning with ERP built for Construction.

Benefits of ERP & Inventory Management Software for Construction Companies and General & Trade Contractors

As a construction company, you know that efficient resource planning is essential to your success. But coordinating materials, equipment, and personnel can be a challenge. That’s where ERP software comes in. 

BuilderSuccess ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is designed to help businesses manage their resources more efficiently. BuilderSuccess ERP software provides a centralized database for all your resource information, making it easy to track and manage resources across multiple projects.

3rd Party Integrations for Solar installers

ERP & Inventory Management Feature Showcase

3rd Party Integrations for Solar Installers

Inventory Location Management

Manage the location of your consumable and project inventory with customizable inventory categories. 

Min Max Inventory Management

Ensure you always have vital stock on hand with automated min max inventory ordering suggestions. 

Manage Project Inventory

Create job sites as inventory locations and order and receive deliveries on site with minimal administration.

Comprehensive Demand and Supply Planning

Use real world data to build dynamic demand and supply plans based on open and upcoming project data. 

Gain Visibility Across all Inventory Locations

See a live update of your inventory levels and procurement requirements across all projects and warehouses.

Equipment Location Visibility

Integrate BuilderSuccess to your equipment tracking tools to get a live feed of all key equipment and asset locations.

Configurable Inventory Management Dashboard

Gain an overarching view of your construction businesses inventory statuses in real time.

Reporting Built for Construction

Make use of the BuilderSuccess industry-aligned inventory and ERP reports to help make better business management decisions.

Supply Chain Management

Gain 360 degree visibility into your supply chain, including preferred vendors, order status, inbound goods and project inventory locations.

Support for Just-in-time Equipment Ordering

Just-in-time support for construction projects: Stay on schedule by making purchase decisions in real time.

Streamlined Order Management

Streamline the order management process with out of the box approvals and workflows.

Automatic Purchase Order Creation

Boost your business efficiency with automatic purchase order creation for both stock on hand and construction project specific orders.

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BuilderSuccess software is a cloud ERP, CRM, and project management software for the residential & commercial construction industry, including general and trade contractors. We’re powered by NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud Business Management Platform built with modern, scalable technologies.

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