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With our Cloud-Based Solutions, you can easily stay on top of labor costs, change orders, project timelines, accounts receivables and payables, inventory status, purchase orders, work orders, and more

Over 10 years of award-winning NetSuite solutions within:

Clean energy is the future for the economy. Prepare your business to scale.

Take control over the shop floor and make informed decisions from the top.

Manage your supply chain and customer expectations using software automation.

Streamline and accelerate the transaction process to build strong customer loyalty.

Blu Banyan can help rapidly transform your business

Companies often mix software tools to address their expanding needs. This results in a “hairball” of incompatible applications, conflicting data, and duplicated functionality.

SolarSuccess built on NetSuite

Track All Company Operations with Real-time Visibility

Eliminate operational inefficiencies with the leading cloud-based business management suite

Single Data Source

The only way to overcome conflicting data from incompatible applications, is to move to a platform like NetSuite that has a single data source underlying all business operations, from accounting and inventory, to project management and CRM. 

Real-time Analytics

Easily customizable dashboards provide every department and user with real-time tracking of the information, metrics and trends that are important to them.

Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solutions

NetSuite’s powerful business management suite can be enhanced by Blu Banyan’s advanced project management and team collaboration applications, as well as by 3rd party integrations.

Our Mission

We are committed to diving deep into your business, learning how you operate, and creating a solution optimized for your needs, rich in the capabilities and metrics necessary to manage your teams and projects more productively.

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