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Ipsun Solar Uses AHJ Registry for Solar Permitting

Who is my County or AHJ for solar permitting?

Residential solar installer, Ipsun Solar both uses and advocates for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Registry. As part of the US Department of Energy’s Orange Button Initiative, the AHJ Registry addresses data standardization for solar permitting. Developed by the SunSpec Alliance, a trade alliance of more than 100 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants, and Blu Banyan, a software developer combatting climate change, the AHJ Registry is a free tool for anyone to use.

Access the AHJ Registry

Read Ipsun Solar’s AHJ Article: Who is my County or AHJ for solar permitting?

Blu Banyan’s SolarSuccess software is optimized for solar installers and it comes with the AHJ Registry included.

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