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Implementing NetSuite for Manufacturing

Blu Banyan’s CoreSuccess team will enable the digital transformation of your manufacturing business with NetSuite Manufacturing Distribution Edition – a complete cloud-based manufacturing software solution that gives you real-time visibility and control over your entire manufacturing process—from demand planning to production to inventory and shipping.

An ERP System Designed for Manufacturing

With NetSuite Manufacturing Distribution Edition, you can increase customer satisfaction by reducing inventory levels and increasing on-time delivery, while improving gross margins through more efficient manufacturing processes. All this is accomplished with complete real-time visibility into your business.

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The Benefits of NetSuite for the Manufacturing Industry

NetSuite Manufacturing Distribution Edition gives you all the benefits of an industry-leading ERP system, including:

Real-time business visibility

With NetSuite, you have complete real-time visibility into every aspect of your manufacturing process. This means you can make informed decisions that improve efficiency and optimize margins.

Improved customer satisfaction

NetSuite manufacturing software provides the tools you need to reduce inventory levels and increase on-time delivery. This leads to happier customers and increased repeat business.

Increased gross margins

Manufacturing is a complex process with many moving parts. NetSuite gives you the visibility and control you need to streamline operations and reduce waste, leading to increased gross margins.

A complete manufacturing solution

NetSuite Manufacturing Distribution Edition is a complete cloud-based manufacturing software solution, meaning you don’t have to worry about expensive hardware or complex integration issues.

Industry-leading Support for Manufacturing Companies of all Sizes

We pride ourselves on our CoreSuccess technical support team who are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. With a dedicated development team working on your success, we’ll always be there when you need us most.

Manufacturing Management

NetSuite Modules for Manufacturers

NetSuite offers a complete suite of modules to help manufacturers run their businesses more effectively. The software includes:

Customer/Supplier Relationship Management

NetSuite’s CRM gives manufacturers a centralized database to manage all contacts including customers, suppliers, and partners. The software includes powerful tools for sales force automation, marketing campaigns, and customer support.

Order Management

NetSuite’s order management system provides manufacturers with a complete view of the order lifecycle from start to finish. The software includes features for order capture, pricing, fulfillment, and shipping.

Inventory Management

NetSuite’s inventory management module gives manufacturers real-time visibility into inventory levels across the supply chain. The software includes features for stock management, warehouse management, and order fulfillment.

Production Management

NetSuite’s production management module provides manufacturers with the tools they need to manage complex manufacturing processes. The software includes features for job scheduling, material requirements planning, and quality control.

Supply Chain Management

NetSuite’s supply chain management module gives manufacturers visibility into the entire supply chain. The software includes features for procurement, preferred vendor management, as well as the ability to see orders in transit.

Financial and Accounting Management

NetSuite’s financial management module gives manufacturers a complete view of their financial performance. The software includes features for accounting, budgeting, and forecasting. Gain greater visibility of your profitability by product categories, classes, and manufacturing locations.


NetSuite’s eCommerce module gives manufacturers the ability to sell their products online. The software includes features for website design, product catalogs, and shopping carts, as well as reporting and analytics.

OneWorld Multi-Subsidiary Management

NetSuite’s OneWorld module allows multinational manufacturers to manage their businesses in multiple countries and currencies. The software includes features for localization, taxation, and compliance.

The NetSuite Advantage for Manufacturers

NetSuite’s Manufacturing Distribution Edition is the only cloud-based software solution that offers a complete suite of modules for manufacturers. With NetSuite, manufacturers can run their business in the cloud with confidence, knowing they have the tools they need to be successful.

A complete manufacturing solution

Manufacturing is a complex process with many moving parts. From ordering raw materials, creating bill of materials and routing plans, through to manufacturing execution and dispatch, NetSuite Manufacturing edition gives you the tools you need to get the job done.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction by managing customer support requests quickly and easily. NetSuite’s customer management and support tracking tools help manufacturers to identify and manage problems with products and track tickets through to resolution.

Lower IT costs

NetSuite is a cloud-based software solution, meaning there are no hardware or software costs. Additionally, our team of experts takes care of all system upgrades and maintenance, so you can focus on running your business.

Greater flexibility

NetSuite’s Manufacturing Distribution Edition is offered as a subscription service, giving you the flexibility to scale your manufacturing operation as your business grows. You can also add additional functionality and modules such as quality control and assurance, if your manufacturing operation becomes more complex.

NetSuite Manufacturing Dashboard

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition provides complete oversight on cash flow, sales, costs, profitability, work order status, inventory, updates and alerts, and other functions key to a manufacturing company’s success.

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