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Multi-Entity Management Software Built for the Construction Industry

Manage all company entities within a single account to minimize and automate inter-company accounting administration.

Benefits of Multi-Entity Management Software for Construction Companies and General & Trade Contractors

With BuilderSuccess, managing inter-company transactions and consolidations is easy. Because all entities exist within a single database, managing your group of companies becomes a much simpler task. 

Accounting transactions can be automated and approved in real time, ensuring that you have complete visibility over your group of companies overarching performance at all times.

3rd Party Integrations for Solar installers

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3rd Party Integrations for Solar Installers

Inter-company Transaction Automation

The construction industry is characterized by a large number of entities involved in each project. This can include the owner, general contractor, subcontractors, suppliers, and more. Multi-entity management software automates the process of inter-company transactions to make things easier for everyone involved.

Inter-company Consolidations

Another important feature of multi-entity management software is the ability to consolidate financial statements. This is vital for the construction industry, where entities are often working together on a single project. Consolidation allows you to see the financial picture for the entire project, making it easier to track progress and make decisions.

Global Entity Reporting

The multi-entity management features included in BuilderSuccess also offers global entity reporting. This is important for construction companies that operate in multiple countries. With global entity reporting, you can see how your company is performing across all of its entities. This helps you to make better decisions about where to allocate resources and how to grow your business.

Inter-company Inventory Transfers/Orders

In the construction industry, it is often necessary to transfer inventory between entities. Multi-entity management software makes this process easy and efficient. With this feature, you can quickly and easily see which entities have the inventory that you need. This helps to keep projects moving forward and avoid delays.

Inter-company Financial Management

You need powerful financial management tools that can help your construction businesses keep track of finances. BuilderSuccess can generate financial reports, track expenses, and manage budgeting and forecasting across multiple entities. These features can help you stay on top of your company's finances and make sound investment decisions.

Inter-company Project Management

Multi-entity management software also includes robust project management features. The software can help construction businesses plan, track, and execute construction projects. It can also be used to manage subcontractors, vendors, and other project resources. These features can help construction businesses complete projects on time and within budget.

Inter-company Human Resources Management

The BuilderSuccess multi-entity management features can help construction businesses track employee time-off, performance reviews, and training records. It can also be used to generate payroll reports and manage employee benefits. These features can help construction businesses attract and retain talented employees.

Inter-company Procurement Management

Multi-entity management software also includes features for managing procurement and transfer of inventory between projects and entities. The features in BuilderSuccess can help construction businesses track purchase orders, invoices, and delivery schedules. It can also be used to negotiate contracts with suppliers and manage inventory levels.

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BuilderSuccess software is a cloud ERP, CRM, and project management software for the residential & commercial construction industry, including general and trade contractors. We’re powered by NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud Business Management Platform built with modern, scalable technologies.

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