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Dramatically Boost Your Team’s Collaboration and Productivity

Skip all the jumping back and forth between applications to communicate with your team. bluChat takes minutes to deploy, and minutes to learn, because it uses the NetSuite navigation and search conventions your staff already know.  Leverage the power and ease of bluChat for better team collaboration, faster issue resolution, and improved productivity and profitability.

With Native NetSuite bluChat You Can:

  • Enable chat directly on every writable NetSuite record
  • Use existing staff permissions to determine bluChat access
  • Enhance collaboration and throughput across the entire organization
  • Write workflows to trigger status change alerts in bluChat
  • Set up guest access for partners, vendors and customers 
  • Search the always-available chat history streams

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Drag & Drop Multiple Files and Types Into the Chatbox

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  • On-Record & Off-Record Chat
  • Channels, Groups & DMs
  • Chat History Stream Always Available
  • Generate, Assign & Schedule Tasks Directly On-Record
  • Chats are Fully Searchable & Auditable
  • Tagging Users Triggers an Email Alert
  • Tag NetSuite Entity Groups
  • All Custom Records Supported
  • Rich Analytics on Chat Usage
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users & Groups
  • Workflows can Tag Users with Status Updates
  • Role Permissions Determine Chat Access
  • Customers, Vendors & Partners Can Participate
  • Emojis & Text Formatting
  • User Profiles & Photos
  • Star to Watch a Channel or Specific Record
  • Workflows to Copy Messages to Another Record
  • Opt-in to SMS with bluChat+SMS

On-Record Chat

On record chat

Off-Record Chat

Channels Groups DMs

Native NetSuite bluChat App Feature Comparison

bluChat's Unique Advantages for NetSuite-based Organizations

bluChat - for faster issue resolution

Blu Banyan's bluChat chatbox demonstrating faster issue resolution, by assigning tasks directly from chatbox.

Collaborate on-the-go with bluChat+SMS

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With bluChat+SMS, users can opt in to receive an SMS text message containing the bluChat message when they are tagged, or when responding to chat messages where they are tagged. All SMS text messages will go back to the chat message stream and are saved on the NetSuite record.
The SMS function is an optional add-on to bluChat with additional monthly fees.
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Expand the Capabilities of Your Business

with the only native NetSuite team collaboration application. bluChat is the smartest way for any NetSuite-based organization to extend the power, value and productivity of its NetSuite investment, by incorporating a powerful yet easy team collaboration tool. bluChat enables faster and better communication across all company teams and groups, minimizing operational fumbles, and eliminating the back and forth time sink of using non-native chat tools.

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