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Let Us Help Your Team Communicate in NetSuite​

Skip all the jumping back and forth between applications to communicate with your team. bluChat takes minutes to deploy and is the solution your team needs to collaborate within NetSuite. Authorized users can chat on any scriptable record such as customers, vendors, invoices, and bills.

With bluChat Native NetSuite Team Chat You Can:

  • Achieve real-time collaboration over the whole business
  • Connect with customers, vendors and partners
  • Drag & drop files into chatbox
  • Refer back to the always available chat history stream
  • Explore options for personalizing profile and chatbox
bluChat Native NetSuite Team Chat:Communication Collaboration Tasking

bluChat - for faster issue resolution

Blu Banyan's bluChat chatbox demonstrating faster issue resolution, by assigning tasks directly from chatbox.
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Blu Banyan is committed to the success of
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Expand the Capabilities of Your Business

with the only native NetSuite team collaboration application. bluChat is the smartest way for any NetSuite-based company to extend the power, value and productivity of its NetSuite investment, by incorporating a comprehensive team collaboration tool. bluChat enables communication across all company teams and groups, and takes minutes to deploy and minutes to learn.

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