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Focus on your company’s growth and move away from incompatible applications that show conflicting data to you and your team

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Achieve Next Level Business Transformation

We leverage the power and flexibility of NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions to transform your business using our deep experience, leading industry practices, and expert system approaches

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Solution Centered

Every business is different, each having its own strengths and weakness, pain points and gain points.  We focus on developing a solution centered on the specific processes and approaches of your company.

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Metrics Driven

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  Being able to track performance of departments and teams in real-time is critical to improving operational productivity, accelerated growth, and greater profitability.

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Optimized Visibility

NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions provide unmatched visibility into daily operations across the company, with customizable Dashboards for every user providing fast and accurate status updates.

Products Built for Success

NetSuite: One unified business management suite for all your productivity and growth needs

NetSuite Licensing

As an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteApp developer, Blu Banyan is always at the forefront of all NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions, from module selection and product updates, to pricing and support options, and we can represent your company in all its dealings with NetSuite. There are a wide range of NetSuite modules to fit the needs of different industries and company sizes, and Blu Banyan can advise you on the pros and cons of different software configurations, as well as on the financing options available from Oracle.

Enterprise Resource Planning / Business Management

Cloud ERP Solutions or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, provide a company with real-time visibility and management over all major company operations. These include minimizing IT costs, optimizing accounting productivity, streamlining order management, procurement and inventory, and eliminating manually intensive and error prone spreadsheet based reporting and conflicting data from incompatible applications. NetSuite’s ERP/business management suite covers all the basics – accounting, CRM, project management, and inventory – and Blu Banyan can guide an implementation tailored to your company’s needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a key component of any business management solution, focused on increasing customer service levels, evaluating marketing and brand campaigns, and improving sales generation.  NetSuite CRM provides automated marketing and sales functionality, real-time dashboards with visual metrics, and strong customer support, including features such as routing and tracking numbers, renewals, escalations, and case submissions – all based on a single source of truth for customers, vendors, leads, prospects and contacts.

NetSuite Project Management

Effective project management is critical to the success of any business, by providing tighter control over project accounting and the true costs of delivering a product or service. NetSuite’s Project Management module seamlessly integrates with the NetSuite accounting system, so that project expenses can automatically trigger accounting alerts and events, without having to do endless, error-prone manual updates. In addition to time and expense tracking, you can generate and issue invoices, compare project performance to budget, and manage revenue recognition, expenses, unbilled balances and other project-related financial metrics. The Project Dashboard gives project managers a visual, graphical analysis of the status of specific projects., enabling them to see important KPIs at a glance, and which projects are on time and on budget.


Accurate and current accounting is at the center of any business’ success, and accounting is the foundation of NetSuite’s unified management suite, with its “single source of data truth”. NetSuite seamlessly couples core finance and accounting functions with strong compliance management, to improve business performance and improve financial close efficiency while reducing back-office costs. Improve business performance with access to live financial data that supports real-time oversight of accounts receivable, payable, and asset management. Access to live financial data enables you to drill into details to quickly resolve issues, understand the impact on your business, and to generate statements and disclosures that comply multiple regulatory financial compliance requirements such as ASC 606, GAAP, SOX and others.

Inventory Management

NetSuite Inventory Management is a powerful tool focused on stock management, optimization, and fulfillment. Accurately assess inventory levels at all times to meet your customer’s demands and expectations. Automatically know where to replenish, track and manage inventory across multiple locations. Users can input their inventory using just about any means, including bar code scanning, data entry, database querying and importing, and cross-referencing from inbound order confirmation. 

3rd Party Integrations

Because NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP solutions platform and business management suite, there are a wide variety of 3rd Party specialty applications to enhance NetSuite for your specific business model. Blu Banyan has extensive experience with integrating 3rd Party applications for a range of industries and market segments, to leverage the benefits of having NetSuite’s single data source driving and tracking all your business decisions.


SolarSuccess is Blu Banyan’s award-winning native NetSuite application designed from the ground up to meet the specific operational needs of Solar Installers. Grounded in over a decade of Blu Banyan experience in the solar industry, and developed in association with some of the industry’s largest installers, SolarSuccess provides an unmatched feature set, coupled with superior implementation know-how. Key features include solar specific project workflows, task queues, pipelines, and KPIs, plus visual timelines, Milestone Completion triggers, and on-record chat.


Powerful native chat and collaboration tool that enables your team to work easily and efficiently across all departments and company records, including with partners, vendors, and customers, for rapid issue resolution.

Our Services

Blu Banyan approaches all aspects of NetSuite services with dedication, deep knowhow, and innovation, to ensure an optimum outcome for our clients’ needs


We partner with our clients to help them achieve greatly enhanced productivity and deliver the best service they can for their customers. We use a “People, Process, Measurement, System” approach, that first takes our clients through a detailed review of their existing business processes, to ensure that that all proposed changes drive their desired company outcomes.


Blu Banyan specializes in fast, effective implementations, starting with a detailed technical assessment and business process inventory to identify any process bottlenecks, and to enhance application integrations, operational flow, and system performance. Beyond Blu Banyan’s expertise, successful implementations require real partnership and a joint investment of time and personnel by both parties to achieve the desired timelines and outcomes.


Blu Banyan focuses on coaching, training and technical support as the most important elements for ERP/business management implementation success. With Blu Banyan, the partnership doesn’t end at go-live. We are invested in fully supporting our clients, whether through resolving small how-to operational questions, or developing large custom solutions. We believe in the power and productivity of iterative improvement, and in partnership for the long run. Blu Banyan offers a range of Time and Material support options.

Custom Solutions

With our decades of experience across a wide range of industries, coupled with extensive NetSuite certifications, Blu Banyan is fully equipped to architect, design, and implement complex, multi-department, multi-location custom solutions that solve a variety of unique business challenges. Our skills and experience don’t end with NetSuite! Blu Banyan works with multiple integration partners to connect NetSuite with a variety of ecommerce solutions, 3PL platforms, and other specialty integrations.

Implementation of NetSuite's Cloud ERP Solutions

Blu Banyan has a systematic process for designing and building business solutions that fit the needs and budgets of companies from early stage to enterprise scale,  across a range of industries and markets.


See the power of a single data source

explore the power of NetSuite + SolarSuccess
  1. See a live demo environment
  2. Easy to generate Dashboards for every function and user
  3. Discovery discussion identifies any specialty application integrations you need
  4. Ask us questions!


Walk us through your day to day, and we’ll optimize

Assess NetSuite's capabilities
  1. We work with you to compile an in-depth review of your business process
  2. Next we perform a technical assessment and inventory
  3. Then we identify bottlenecks and areas for optimization
  4. We discuss modules, budgets and phased approaches


Improve profitability and ROI in less than a year

Blu Banyan will implement NetSuite + SolarSuccess solutions
  1. Implementation is a partnership with shared commitments
  2. Company priorities and budget determine schedule
  3. We use multi-phased approaches to manage operational changes
  4. Go-live date is decided by mutual review

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