Blu Banyan

Our clients tell us the returns gained from SolarSuccess on NetSuite far outstrips the investment.

What's your SolarSuccess ROI?

Typical areas for return include:

1. More transaction automations allow for fewer people in the office. 

2. Automatic milestone-based invoicing reduces days-to-payment – getting our clients paid faster.

  • Integration with your favorite invoicing/payment portal, such as Paystand further accelerates receivables
  • Ipsun Solar Case Study

3. Increased visibility of real-time project profitability allows for better pricing and management decisions leading to greater profitability overall.

  • Managing and consolidating an unlimited number of subsidiaries dramatically reduces accounting time for multi-entity clients
  • Norwich Solar Case Study

4. Automated calculations and journal entries save accounting even more time.  

  • Deferred revenue 
  • WIP
  • Commissions
Illustration: Community with energy efficient buildings, solar panel array, wind turbines, trees, flowers, and people riding bicycles.