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Congrats to the Solar Power World Top Contractors 2023

Solar Power World Top Contractors List 2023. SolarSuccess customers grow faster! Congrats to our clients for their continued success

Everyone loves a “Top” fill in the blank list right!? Solar Power World recently launched their 2023 Top Solar Contractors List and we’re thrilled to see so many of our customers on top or moving up the ranks. With the United States receiving significant federal support of solar and storage in the Inflation Reduction Act, excitement for the technologies is growing at a record pace. Solar developers, installers and contractors are capitalizing on the moment by building more substantial projects across the country.

Renewable energy accounts for a quarter of U.S. electrical generation. Solar power is an important member of that renewable makeup, and companies on the Top Solar Contractors List are all contributing to our country’s shift to clean energy. We are honored to be partnered with them as we help residential, utility and commercial installers deploy more solar, faster. This post thanks those companies and individuals who put kilowatts on roofs, over parking lots, in desert locations and more. We know that every solar project today makes an impact on our environment and our future.

The United States reported its strongest first-quarters ever in Q1 2023 for solar panels installed, and industry analysts expect the market to triple in size over the next five years. The industry will stay busy with more boots on the ground, or on roofs and companies using SolarSuccess to scale their solar business are leading the way. 

Blu Banyan is proud to have built the first cloud-based business management software – SolarSuccess, for residential, commercial, community, and utility-scale solar installers. The solar PV industry is set for exponential growth and Blu Banyan provides a single source of data across one business platform to enable more solar faster. Thank you and congratulations to our customers and partners who are on top or moving up quickly on the Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors List. We’re thrilled to have: 

  • Top 2 Residential Solar Installers use SolarSuccess
  • 30% of the Top 10 Solar Installers using SolarSuccess
  • Approximately 20% of US Residential Solar was installed using SolarSuccess
  • Over 10% of the Top Solar Power World 2023 companies are using SolarSuccess (with more to come)
  • Over 500 KW installed in 2022 using SolarSuccess

Blu Banyan is proud to congratulate the 2023 Solar Power World Top Contractors! A few special shout out’s for our customers Titan Solar Power, ADT Solar, Skyline Solar, All Energy Solar, Suntria, Solar Works Energy, Solar Holler, Sunline Energy, HES Solar, Positive Energy Solar, Harvest Power, Ipsun Solar, Artisan Electric, Atlasta Solar Center, GreenSpark Solar, Tick Tock Energy, Westcoast Solar Energy, and more!

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Illustration: Community with energy efficient buildings, solar panel array, wind turbines, trees, flowers, and people riding bicycles.