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Cash Management Excellence Tools for Solar Installers

Introduction to Cash Management Excellence:  What it is and how it’s different

Cash management excellence for solar companies means identifying and analyzing cash flow trends and using historical data to forecast future cash flow. By optimizing cash management, solar companies can improve their financial stability, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

The Cash Management Excellence toolset in SolarSuccess is designed to help financial users visualize and project cash flow, with useful cash management graphs and pivot charts available in one convenient location. 

Empowering you to make data-driven financial decisions with this focused dashboard and visualize cash flow in these key areas:

  • Actual A/R and A/P with expected dates

  • Planned expenses, such as fixed fees and payroll

  • Projected revenue and costs

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Blu Banyan's SolarSuccess: A Complete Business Management Suite

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Accounting Sector disk for SolarSuccess

SolarSuccess is an award-winning NetSuite application that is optimized for solar installers and developers. This all-in-one solar ERP is designed to improve overall company operations and meet your growth needs. It is optimized for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installers and developers to accelerate soft cost reduction and increase profitability.

SolarSuccess enables you to have a clear picture of your business’ financial health and make informed decisions to improve your bottom line. With the right accounting and finance tools, you can take your solar projects to the next level.

Jumpstart Your Company’s Growth & Productivity

The Cash Management Excellence toolset is designed to help financial users visualize and project money coming in and money going out.

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