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How Can the Solar Energy Industry Benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software?

IT costs and data management are two of the biggest challenges for the solar energy industry. Enterprise Resource Planning software can help to reduce these costs and improve data management. 

The solar energy industry is highly competitive, so it’s important to streamline your processes as much as possible. ERP software can help you do just that, by providing a comprehensive solution for all of your purchasing, ordering, inventory, sales, and support needs.

What is Solar Installation ERP?

Solar Installation ERP is software designed specifically for solar installation companies. It can help with everything from sales and estimating through to project management and invoicing. Solar Installation ERP can make your business more efficient and help you save time and money.

The Benefits of ERP Software for Solar PV Installers

The solar energy industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This is due in part to the improved technology that has made it more affordable and efficient to use solar power. However, the solar energy industry also faces many technological and business problems that it must overcome. For example, the industry must find a way to reduce the cost of installing solar panels, and a way to store energy so that it can be used when the sun isn’t shining. To drive growth, many companies in this industry turn to ERP software. 

These are some of the many benefits our clients have reported after going live; 

Better Monitoring of Real-Time Operations

One of the biggest benefits of using Solar Energy ERP software is that companies can obtain real-time, accurate data about their various operations. This information can help them make better business decisions and improve their teams’ efficiency. In addition, ERP software can help solar energy companies manage their finances more effectively. They have access to the most current information about inventory, sales, suppliers, financials, and other business operations. They can keep track of everything to make faster and better business decisions based upon data.

Improvement to Procurement Processes and Inventory Handling

Another benefit of using ERP software is that it can automate business processes such as procurement. This means that companies can use ERP technology to process orders faster and more easily. In addition, ERP software can also help companies manage their inventory more effectively. By having access to real-time data, they can make better decisions about what products to stock and how much inventory to keep on hand. 

NetSuite is the leading, integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce software.

NetSuite ERP can help reduce order processing times by better documenting and classifying inventory items. This tool can also be used to manage inventory more efficiently by creating demand forecasts, reducing stock-outs, and decreasing the risk of overstocking.

Better Budget Planning and Management

Using ERP software can help businesses better plan and manage their budget models. This is because ERP software can provide businesses with accurate and up-to-date information about their financial status as well as draw on historical performance to provide an intelligently generated budget plan. In addition, ERP software can also help businesses track their spending patterns and identify areas where they can save money. 

Using statistical reports from past years or months can help businesses make better budget decisions. By analyzing this data, businesses can get an idea of how much money they typically spend in certain areas, and they can plan for future expenses accordingly. This information can also help businesses stay within their budget constraints, which is essential for success in any industry. 

Dynamic Data-Driven  Dashboards

Solar software lets companies obtain real-time, accurate data about their various operations. This information when displayed as a dynamic dashboard, as opposed to a static report, can help Solar Installation company owners to make better business decisions across sales, procurements, financial management, manufacturing and installation.

By having at-a-glance access to these visualized data points helps companies be confident that the information they are relying on is current and accurate.

Improved Customer Care 

Solar installers’ ERP software can help companies optimize their sales processes, which leads to better customer service. Because your team is working from a single system, it’s simple to gain visibility into customer historical interactions and purchases and use this information to ensure optimum customer experience.

With regards to support, embracing an ERP means your team will be able to centralize customer communication to ensure any issues that arise are resolved as quickly as possible.

Better Customer Performance Visibility

SolarSuccess is a centralized system that includes full-scale CRM capabilities. Customer data from the CRM can be used to provide deep insights into your customer base, allowing you to identify who your most valuable customers are as well as those who might need more attention. In addition, these new features can also be used to solve problems before they become major issues.

Better Decision-Making Support

NetSuite is an ERP system that offers a number of analytics features, which can help your company make data-driven decisions. In addition, these tools can also support 3rd party applications via services as well as APIs, allowing companies to automate key business processes.

Improved Access to Information

ERP software is a great way for your entire company to have access to features even if they are not in the office. Because SolarSuccess is web-based, employees have access to real-time financial and inventory data from any location with an internet connection. As the solution is cloud based, it can be accessed from any device, including Windows, Apple’s iPhone, Android and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Interested in Learning More?

SolarSuccess is a great solution for those in the Solar installation business helping to increase productivity and reduce costs. If you are interested in exploring how Blu Banyan can help you implement a modern ERP, please reach out for an obligation-free discussion or download our product brochure.

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