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NetSuite Microvertical: Growing From a Minor to a Major

Microvertical: Growing From a Minor to a Major

Jan Rippingale, CEO of Blu Banyan, a leading NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteApp developer, was invited to participate in the SuiteWorld panel discussion, Microvertical: Growing from a Minor to a Major. The discussion was hosted live in Las Vegas on October 20th, 2021. 

SuiteWorld attendees were invited to find out how to evaluate your investment in micro-verticals to drive incremental growth in your practice. Learn what to expect when you make it a major focus rather than one piece of a larger portfolio strategy.

The panel was hosted by Oracle’s Senior Director of Channel Marketing, John Goode and Craig West, GVP, Channel Sales & Alliances at Oracle. The panelists were Jan Rippingale, CEO of Blu Banyan, Kristin Steele, Principal of Doozy Solutions, LLC and Dirk Shimpach, CPA, Partner & Founder of goVirtualOffice, LLC.

The panelists were asked questions which included:

  • When did you launch & how did you choose your microvertical?
  • Where did the first customers come from?
  • What are the benefits of targeting a specific microvertical?
  • How long before you saw the benefits of targeting your verticals?
  • What were the key investments you made to drive growth and how did you decide when & how much?
  • How did you scope out the functionality within your solution?

While at SuiteWorld, Blu Banyan received the NetSuite Microvertical Solution Provider Partner of the Year Award 2021.

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