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5 Proven Strategies on Closing Your Solar Sales

Solar Sales Software Sales Funnel

Have you had your ideal solar prospect in the bottom of your solar sales funnel but missed on the deal?

There’s a human movement gearing towards renewable energy sources. Some for the social purpose of preserving the environment and some to lower their monthly utility bills. Well-equipped and trained solar installers can engage with solar leads and educate them on the benefits of solar power. Are you prepared to sell solar successfully?

All solar customers might not be familiar with the solar design and installation process. This is a great opportunity for the solar installers to collaborate on solar sales software and CRM software; to educate and engage the prospects in the design and build a trust relationship with the solar sales leads.

Solar software for residential installers & sales teams can help accelerate solar sales, streamline the workflows and power your growth. A well-designed solar sales software can help you streamline the entire solar project lifecycle. Blu Banyan can boost your growth and accelerate revenue by easily integrating data sources and providing end-to-end solar solutions optimized for your business.

The first step in choosing integrated solar CRM & sales software is to determine which features are necessary for your business. The next step is evaluating the different options available to you. Customizable features include insightful reports, data tracking, customer support needs both during and after the sale.

Take a look at these tangible strategies that can be leveraged to boost your closing rate and generate more revenue.

What is solar sales software?

Solar sales software allows solar installation companies to track in real time their sales and marketing activities. 

As a result, you can see your best-selling products or services at any given time, allows for end-to-end commission tracking for the sales force, plus enables them to see inventory of equipment available to sell on any given day. 

But most important of all it allows for unified communications across the company. 

This gives you the ability to create more revenue opportunities by focusing on what’s working well for your company.

From Pitch to Proposals – 5 Proven Strategies on Closing Your Solar Sales

1) A winning solar sales framework:

Over the years, several sales closing techniques have been developed to get prospects past that final leap. In the solar industry, training and education of the sales staff is crucial to increase the effectiveness of their closing. A constructive and functional solar sales framework is needed for helping prospective customers understand the importance of solar for the company and the necessity to adapt early to be the winners in the game. It is indeed an effective marketing tool in the solar sales process. Providing potential solar sales clients with an instant quote, using a quality solar sales tool, well understanding and knowledge of the solar power panel system can help a solar installer crack that big dollar deal. 

2) Sell benefits, sell value. What’s your solar pitch?

Reframe your sales conversation to highlight the key benefits for your prospect solar sales leads. Cheaper option is not always that sell. Sell value. Focus on building value into your solar services instead of battling your competitors on price. Showcase the training and expertise of your installers and your team. Let them know that you’ll serve them end-to-end including post-sales monitoring and support assistance. Are you really taking advantage of solar referrals? The importance of referrals can’t be overlooked. This is a great way to generate warm leads. 

3) Do you have a compelling solar sales proposal?

Can your team generate more proposals in less time? And can those proposals close leads? A great kick-off meeting, crafting the optimal solar design to suit the customer’s needs, excellent customer service in explaining the value and the many good things. After everything, your sales proposal is the final call between you and your competitors. Crafting a compelling solar sales proposal can improve the likelihood of closing the deal. Agree? So make this solar sales proposal as effective as possible. 

  • Highlight financial savings
  • Visually impactful proposal
  • Pitch your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Offer tailored proposal to suit their business priorities

4) Highlight accurate post-solar benefits and returns

This is a bonus. Your sales lead is definitely interesting to save money on the utility bills. So, give them the accuracy and the savings they seek. CRM tools can help solar companies to prepare a salesperson prior to a scheduled meeting with the prospect. Helpful resources and data on pending tasks from the previous sales meeting, similar case study referrals and related information can help the move into the next stage of the sales process. 

Embedded CRM tools enable your sales team to seamlessly manage many leads in the pipeline. Blu Banyan offers a full sales and CRM suite that eases the collection and management of data on each lead and has the capability to twist the team’s approach on solar sales. SolarSuccess by Blu Banyan is an award-winning NetSuite application that is optimized for solar installers and developers. SolarSuccess provides real-time visibility across all key functional areas including accounting, CRM, project management, and inventory tracking through the use of personalized dashboards.

5) How can Blu Banyan make it all easy for you?

Your solar customers are seeking the best solar design, smooth installation process without any delays, and post-solar support. Blu Banyan ensures design accuracy, efficient workflow, accurate projections, and more. 

  • Track communication from solar sales leads – visits, calls, emails, and texts
  • Manual automation that saves hours of work 
  • Real-time field visibility
  • Easy integration with CRM and ERP
  • Detailed performance insights and analytics 
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