Blu Banyan

Technology Stack | Solar Supply Chain feat Blu Banyan & Orange Button

CDX Case Study: Solar Supply Chain featuring Jan Rippingale, Blu Banyan CEO

The Construction Progress Coalition held a Virtual Roundtable event on January 27, 2021 to discuss the Technology Stack for the Solar Supply Chain.

Learn how Blu Banyan teamed up with SunSpec Alliance to produce the AHJ Registry using the Orange Button standard taxonomy. Dennis Stejskal moderates as Jan Rippingdale highlights how they overcame challenges to resolve the digital breakdowns between solar installers and their local AHJ inspectors. Then, we will compare the AHJ-registry-to-permit-inspection CDX scenario with a similar scenario between contractor and surety broker to digitize the bond validation process.

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Illustration: Community with energy efficient buildings, solar panel array, wind turbines, trees, flowers, and people riding bicycles.