Blu Banyan

Chatting on-record

NetSuite is a very rich and flexible business management solution that provides a wealth of detail on every record, across every application area, including accounting, CRM, project management and inventory. The most productive way to leverage that wealth of information is to add bluChat’s team collaboration capability, which uniquely supports the engagement of all stakeholders, from staff to customers, on the relevant record. Unlike “outside” team chat and collaboration applications that cannot directly access the NetSuite records, and require users to go back and forth between the application and the information stored in the NetSuite records, bluChat enables faster issue resolution because the entire context of any issue is directly available to users. Another advantage of bluChat over outside chat applications is that access to any given record has already been established by your company’s Admin policies, so that there is no time wasted setting up bluChat permissions before engaging.

Chatting off-record

bluChat v2.0 also supports chat and collaboration between all staff and stakeholders, independent of any particular NetSuite record.  By using any of 3 options – Public Channels, Private Channels, or Direct Messages – team members can form ongoing or ad hoc groupings to address their communication needs.  These can range from side discussions on any topic, project or activity, to being a venue for discussing improvements to company processes and policies, or brainstorming new opportunities. The combination of being able to chat both on-record with the full context available, as well as independently of record is a unique feature of bluChat and provides the most robust team chat and collaboration capabilities in the NetSuite world.

NetSuite navigation

Because bluChat is a native, Built For NetSuite application, existing NetSuite users are already familiar with the menu structure and record navigation, and minimal training is required. Not having to learn another outside chat applications user interface, and then switch back and forth between the chat and the NetSuite record generating the discussion is very advantageous. For new NetSuite users, bluChat Channels provide fast and easy ways for teams to ask questions both about how to navigate NetSuite, and how to respond to issues raised on particular records.  All chat activities, e.g. assigning a task, or adding a photograph or invoice to the stream, generate a contextual trail directly on the relevant NetSuite record, which can be reviewed by any authorized user.