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Team Collaboration Software for Solar Installers & Developers

bluChat (included with SolarSuccess) offers integrated chat to help your team members stay on top of tasks, communicate more effectively, and collaborate in real time.

Benefits of Team Collaboration Software for Solar Contractors

When it comes to team collaboration, chat software is an essential tool. It allows team members to communicate quickly and easily, sharing ideas and working together seamlessly. SolarSuccess includes bluChat, a fully integrated chat tool that makes team collaboration simple and efficient.

With bluChat, team members can communicate in real time, sharing ideas and working together seamlessly. They can also easily find the information they need, without having to search through email messages or documents.

Team Collaboration Software for Solar Installation Companies

SolaSuccess + bluChat Team Collaboration Feature Showcase

Team Collaboration Software for Solar Companies

On-record &
Off-record Chat

Improve team collaboration with on-record and off-record chat keeping all communications centralized.

Channels, Groups & Direct Messages

Create channels and groups to manage collaboration across teams and departments. Use direct messages for private chats.

Chat History

bluChat keeps a complete historical record of all chats which allows users to review historical communications and share information. 

Fully Searchable & Auditable

All chat communications are fully searchable and auditable ensuring that there is complete transparency across all communications. 

Tag Users to Trigger Email Alert

Tagged team members are alerted automatically both by email and with on-platform notifications letting them know they have a new message. 

Full Support for Custom Records

Access bluChat on any record in SolarSuccess including all custom transactions and records. 

Control Chat Access with Granular Permissions

Keep your team organized and in control with role-based chat permissions to ensure each bluChat user only has access to the information they need.

3rd Party
Chat Access

bluChat also allows users to invite collaborators outside of the organization. Team up with suppliers, vendors, partners, and customers for quick and easy communication. 

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