Blu Banyan

SunSpec Alliance Awards Blu Banyan’s CEO as an Open Standards Champion

SunSpec Alliance Open Standards Champion Award

“SunSpec 2020 Annual Member Meeting – December 8th, 2020 -Attendees of this year’s Annual Member Meeting gained an in-depth understanding of SunSpec’s successes, challenges, and goals to come, including a preview of the exciting developments around SunSpec standards being encoded into national standards, which will lead to a massive influx of SunSpec Certified interfaces in 2021.

As a highlight of the event, Tom Tansy, Chairman of SunSpec Alliance, awarded 9 recipients the SunSpec Open Standards Champion Award. This prestigious distinction is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the development and establishment of a SunSpec standard. They have dedicated over 100 hours in a given year to a SunSpec initiative, worked collaboratively to achieve a common goal, and leveraged their professional influence to benefit the Distributed Energy industry as a whole.”

Jan Rippingale, Blu Banyan’s CEO, has been awarded the SunSpec Open Standards Champion Award for her hard work and creative ideas for the Orange Button Initiative.

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