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Award-Winning Business Management Software For Residential, Commercial, Community & Utility Solar Installers.

  • Reduce installation cost by 3-5 cents/watt.
  • Manage solar projects more profitably by increasing employee productivity.
  • Get paid faster – Reduce project to cash timeline by 40%, while increasing cash management excellence. 

SolarSuccess is trusted by the top Solar Contractors & Installers

Comprehensive solar solutions that will fit your operational and growth needs

SolarSuccess clients have been able to reduce 3-5 cents/watt on solar installation projects.

SolarSuccess is an integrated solar business management software, built on Oracle NetSuite, the world’s leading integrated cloud business software suite.

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SolarSuccess software is a cloud ERP, CRM, and project management system for the solar industry. We’re powered by NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud Business Management Platform built with modern scalable technologies.

Benefits of Implementing SolarSuccess

SolarSuccess is a comprehensive solar business software that helps
solar installers and developers to better manage their projects,
optimize resource utilization, and reduce risks and costs.

SolarSuccess benefits include:

– Boost ROI
– Maximize profits
– Reduce risk and costs
– Optimize resource utilization
– Ease of use & intuitive navigation
– Flexibility & customizability

SolarSuccess Brochure

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Solar Software Native to the NetSuite Platform

SolarSuccess is built natively on Oracle NetSuite to take advantage of the latest technologies for speed and security. The software also integrates with other leading solar industry software solutions to support the needs of growing businesses.

SolarSuccess built on NetSuite
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Creating Impact Through Partnerships, Innovation & Thought Leadership

The solar industry is constantly changing so we’re continuously exploring new technologies and development opportunities that will create value for our customers.

Our team of solar industry experts works with our clients to identify high-value needs and work collaboratively to solve these problems with technical skills and systemic innovation.

Blu Banyan is a SunSpec Alliance member and the leading supporter of the US Department of Energy’s Orange Button Initiative – to establish an Open Data Exchange Format for the solar industry.

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Industry-leading Support for Solar Companies

We pride ourselves on our technical support team who are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. With a dedicated development team working on your success, we’ll always be there when you need us most.

SolarSuccess can reduce 3-5 cents/watt on solar installation projects

Blu Banyan’s SolarSuccess is designed to provide the core application functionality necessary to improve all company operations, reduce soft costs, and meet your growth needs.

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Single Data Source

All operations are supported by a single database

Accounting, CRM, project management, inventory tracking, and team collaboration are all integrated

3rd party applications can also be integrated

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Real-time Visibility

Instant update on project status, costs, sales, profitability, project timelines, inventory, pricing, AR and AP

Project milestones can automatically trigger accounting events

Project-specific document management

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Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Manage permitting, installation, and interconnection labor

Forecast supply chain costs

Unified end-to-end solutions for purchasing and inventory

Integration with selected suppliers, providing real-time equipment availability and pricing information

Illustration: Dashboard metrics charts and graphs

Dashboards & Metrics

Solar-based custom KPIs, dashboards, and alerts

Solar-specific project templates for storing documents, tracking milestones, and interacting with financiers

Gain visibility into key financial and operational metrics that impact office and field labor

'Hairball' of software tools versus SolarSuccess

As companies grow, they typically cobble together a mix of software tools to address their needs, often resulting in a ‘hairball’ of incompatible applications that do not ‘talk’ to each other.

SolarSuccess solves this problem by providing unified, integrated applications, with a single source of data/reporting that eliminates information silos.

SolarSuccess built on NetSuite
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The US solar industry is expected to continue its strong growth trajectory, thanks to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and despite supply chain constraints and other challenges. Forecasting a substantial recovery, solar deployments in 2023 are projected to reach 29 GWdc, a significant increase from the previous year’s 21 GWdc, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).



SolarSuccess Dashboard

Our solar solutions provide complete oversight on cash flow, sales, costs, profitability, project status, inventory, updates and alerts, and other functions key to a solar installer’s success.

SolarSuccess includes bluChat for team collaboration and faster issue resolution

Collaborate and communicate easily between teams and different departments to share data from a single data source. SolarSuccess provides real-time visibility across all key functional areas including accounting, CRM, project management, and inventory tracking through the use of personalized dashboards. bluChat enables all authorized users – staff, partners, vendors, and customers – to interact directly on a problem record for faster issue resolution.

Blu Banyan's bluChat chatbox demonstrating faster issue resolution, by assigning tasks directly from chatbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blu Banyan SolarSuccess is designed to meet the specific challenges at the core of a solar installer business, with the goal of enabling the efficiencies necessary to reduce soft costs. All aspects of the business—including sales pipeline management, CRM, accounting, purchasing, installation project management (including project costing and profitability), inventory management, customer invoicing, universal financier connectivity, and business intelligence—all share data from a single source. The system provides end-to-end visibility on cash flow, profitability, acquisition costs, project summaries and alerts, and other functions that are keys to a solar installer’s success.

Having a unified system that ties your accounting system to your supply chain, project management, CRM, marketing, and fulfillment systems allows you to see your cash flow and measure efficiencies across multiple areas. Our solar solutions system will alert you to specific areas of deviation from plan so that you can then zero in on problem areas or opportunities to maximize revenues.

Typical implementations take about 3-4 months, depending on what tools the client is already using, and how extensive and complex data import from the existing system may be. Multi-phased approaches are available to solve the most pressing needs (usually connecting project milestones to accounting events), followed by full integration of CRM and other applications.

SolarSuccess will be updated at a minimum of twice a year. Blu Banyan does not charge additional license fees for upgrades. Clients benefit from new product features, including on-going updates keeping you aligned with the latest changes with minimal effort. Custom testing may be an additional cost if preferred by the client. 

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